Christmas Gift Guide For Pets and their Owners

njp hats

With just a few days over 5 weeks to go until the big day we are feeling festive and getting into the Christmas spirit at Not Just Pets. We are stocked to the brim with festive treats and our Christmas Gift Shop is open and full of ideas.

If you need some inspiration for buying gifts for pets and their owners then you have come to the right place. We have a fabulous range of gifts, stockings, outfits and accessories this year so everyone can join in the festive fun no matter what their species!

Dogs, cats and small animals can join you in the festive count down with these fabulous advent calendars. Each day they can have a small treat that is made especially for them. Make sure you are ready for the first of December.

cat-calendars  dog-calendarssmall-animal-calendars

If you have a good boy or girl then they need to be rewarded on Christmas morning with a stocking. We have a fantastic range of stockings for cats, dogs and small animals. Each containing treats and toys that will help them join in the festive fun of Christmas morning.

christmas stockings

dog stocking







Christmas dinner time! We have in store the Lily’s Kitchen Christmas Dinner tins for dogs and trays for cats . We also have the beautifully presented Christmas treats for cats and dogs that would make a lovely gift. The dog treats are in a red post box with a snowy Christmas scene and the cat treats are in a festive cracker shape with some carol singing cats.




We have a lovely range of outfits and accessories to help your pet look the part this festive season. With the best range of Christmas jumpers, reindeer antlers, Santa hats and elf costumes your pets will be the best dressed this Christmas.



luna christmas jumper

Now with all the gifts and outfits taken care of the Christmas treats and snacks are next. While you are tucking into the box of chocolates you no longer have to feel guilty for not sharing as we have a great range of dog safe chocolates and treats.

Festive treatsWe hope this gift guide has given you some ideas and inspiration. Remember that if you do not know what to get we also sell gift vouchers that can be used in our stores on any products. Do you follow us on Facebook or Twitter? Look out for Christmas related promotions and competitions and join in with the festive fun.

We look forward to welcoming you in store soon; remember we are open in our Bath store 7 days a week!

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Festive fun and Christmas time at Not Just Pets

Christmas is in full swing and with two weeks to go to the big day everyone is on Christmas count down. We have put together some gift ideas for you and your pets and there is plenty in store to choose from.


We have a selection of accessories and gift ideas for small animals. Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rats and other small animals love accessories and treats. Treat your small animal to Christmas stockings, Christmas hides and Chubes, Reindeer hamster bed and tasty chews and treats.

We have Christmas stockings available for small animals, dogs and cats. These enable your pets to join in with the festive fun in a safe way. These have animal safe chocolate and treats. The cat and dog stockings contain a fun toy and the small animal stocking contains a safe chew toy. There is a range of dog stocking depending on what your dog like. Some dogs prefer treats and some prefer toys!


Here is a Christmas collection of toys and treats for your festive feline. A lovely cosy bed, a Yeowww catnip candy cane, a festive collar, tasty cat treats, a stocking stuffed with treats, Christmas toys and Lily’s kitchen Christmas dinner for cats.

The store is overflowing with Christmas gift ideas for dogs. Here is a small selection of what we have available in store.  Choose from a selection of cuddly toys, Christmas themed festive jumpers, cosy beds, tasty chewy treats. Do not forget Lily’s kitchen Doggy Christmas dinner and treats!

We have a great range of festive fashion so your dog can get involved with the fun this Christmas! Santa coats, beards, antlers and hats. Here is Luna wearing a snowman sweater – we have sizes for tiny dogs up to German Shepard sizes and beyond!


There is so much more available in store and we look forward to seeing you this Christmas time.


You can watch our Christmas video on Youtube – Not Just Pets Christmas 2015

We hope that this has given you some great gift ideas for this Christmas. Let us know what you think! We are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and Instagram.

We look forward to welcoming you in store soon; remember we are open in our Bath store 7 days a week!

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It’s Christmas! 2014 News and Products

December is here which can mean one thing… Christmas! The best time of the year where we can decorate the store, get ready for Christmas and display all the favourite Christmas stock! We have been busy stocking our shelves with festive treats for all animals.

This blog will contain all the Cracking Christmas treats that we have in store for dogs, cats, and small animals as well as how we are preparing for the Christmas festivities.

We have decorated our Bath city centre store windows with a festive scene and a winter wild bird window.



Here is a shot of the wild bird window! As you can see it is a wintry scene with some very wild birds joining us… March of the penguins!






In our other window we have a festive party with a wintry scene. Father Christmas seems to be having some trouble on the roof!




We have a range of Christmas toys and treats for cats, dogs and small animals as well as all our usual toys, accessories and gift ideas.



Does your cat or dog look at you longingly for your favourite Christmas treats? Here in the Armitage range are dog and cat friendly treats including mince pies!






Small animals are not forgotten this festive season. We have some lovely natural festive treats, toys and accessories available for them to enjoy. Christmas stockings also available.







 What special doggy wouldn’t want to wake up to these special gifts on Christmas morning! A fantastic pudding outfit, a festive dog friendly cracker, a soft reindeer toy and a lovely bed. We have a range of festive costumes, coats and jumpers for dogs of all sizes. We have plenty of beds in our Relaxing room downstairs where you can try out the beds! We stock a wide range of colours and sizes.


There are plenty of special gifts and toys for our festive felines! Doesn’t this igloo bed look warm and cosy?

Festive toy balls, tinsel wise and danglers as well as a festive stocking just for cats!

Billy+Margot have these fantastic Luxury Christmas crackers for dogs! They look fab, just like the real thing, only these do not have a bang inside so are great for dogs!

They do include a joke, a hat and a packet of treats, antler or bone.



We have had an extra helper this year in the Bath city centre store in the shape of the Christmas Bear who likes to share! He helped us by promoting Christmas discounts on Facebook and Twitter!

Here he is helping Mike out on the till!

Helping himself to the Billy+Margot crackers!








Measuring dogs up for warm coats to keep them warm on their festive winter walks!

Promoting the Natures Menu and Lily’s Kitchen products that we stock, by trying to make Christmas trees out of them!








Making snowflakes out of wild bird food!

Here he is making friends with the goldfish and looking very comfortable with the festive Vet Bed we have in stock. Is this the Princess and the Pea? No! It’s the Christmas Bear deciding which colour bed he likes the most!







Are you are going away over Christmas? Do you have anyone to free to care or your pets? If the answer is no then give the store a call! Our Pet Hotel has spaces available for small animals, birds and reptiles.

In our Bath city centre store we have spaces available over the festive period! Staff will be in store over the Christmas break so your pet will be cared for everyday, including Christmas day!

We are open all the way up until the 24th December Christmas Eve should you or your pet need anything in our stores. All your pet needs will be sorted over the Christmas period. Contact us if you have any questions or queries.

We look forward to welcoming you in store soon; remember we are open in our Bath store 7 days a week!

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Fantastic New Shopping Experience With Three New Rooms at Not Just Pets

Our Bath city centre store now has three new rooms that are all ready for customers to visit. These new rooms will enhance the customer shopping experience and offer something different and new! We have taken the customer feedback about the store and have integrated them into three new rooms in our downstairs area. We are eager for customers to come in and visit them so we can hear what they think about them.

The first of our three rooms is The Garden Room. The store layout as it was did not have enough room to display all the big hutches, cages and coops that we keep in stock for customers to view. We have decorated the room to look like a lovely sunny garden. With Grass, a tree, butterfly, birds and bees. Customers can now see the hutches built up and see the quality and size to help them choose what is right for their needs.

The second of our new rooms is The Relax and Play Room. The area is big enough to stock a vast array of bed designs and sizes that customers were asking for. Customers can now try out the beds and see which they would like to purchase. There are beds for cats and dogs of all shapes and sizes. They look very inviting and we have to check no one has fallen asleep in there! This is the relaxing part of the room.

The play part of the room has a fantastic treat dispenser that with 50 pence you can get a handful of treats to try out the interactive treat toys that we stock. There is enough space for dogs to try out the toys before you buy them. At the moment we have some great Kong toys to try out and the first 6 customers who say “Treat please” at the till will have a free go on the treat dispenser and toys!

The third new room boasts the best views from around the world! It is our very own Pet Hotel. This is a dedicated area for boarding small animals, pets and birds. Decorated to look like a hotel room complete with lamp, rug and bible. We are able to offer the customer 7 days a week pet boarding, safe in the knowledge that their pet is well looked after here in Bath.  We have prices per day and discounts for longer stays and multiple animals. Call the store today and ask for a quote. The Pet Hotel will even be open over the Christmas holidays! So if you are planning on going away we can make sure your pets are well looked after.

We look forward to hearing your feedback about the new rooms! We think they add to the shopping experience by offering more choice, space and peace of mind.

 We look forward to welcoming you in store soon; remember we are open in our Bath store 7 days a week!

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Travelling With Pets – Staying Safe

There are a number of reasons that you may need to travel with your pet, a trip to the vets, travelling to the kennels, moving house, first trip home. It can be a daunting experience if you are unprepared for it so we would like to share with you the best ways to travel with your pets to make sure they stay safe and happy.

Unsecured pets and the law

The highway code Rule 57 states that when in a vehicle make sure dogs or other animals are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you or themselves if you stop quickly. A seatbelt harness, pet carrier, dog crate, or dog guard are ways of restraining animals in cars.

If there is an accident if your pet is not restrained in the car they may escape from the vehicle, run out into traffic or run away and get lost.

There are many products available to help you keep your animals safe and happy while travelling. Here at Not Just Pets we have a great range of pet travelling items to choose from that are suitable for all types of pet.

For small animals we suggest that owners use a Pod Carrier that is secure and cannot be chewed. This can prevent the risk of your pet escaping into the car.


The Options Pod is suitable for small animals such as hamsters, mice, rats and gerbils. They are well ventilated, secure and have carry handles. Available online or in store from £7.99

A great way to transport your pet.

This is the Savic Discovery small animal Carrier. It is well ventilated and has a carry handle. This would be suitable for larger animals such as rabbits and if you had multiple small animals that would travel together. Available in store and online at £13.99



For larger small animals such as adult rats and guinea pigs we suggest a larger pod type carrier. We stock this Ferplast design in store and online at £16.99 It has a clear door, carry handles and is well ventilated,

These carriers are made from plastic which is easy to clean and can be collapsed and stored at home when not in use.




The best way to transport your pet cat is in a pet carrier. This keeps them safe and secure from escaping out of the vehicle. These carriers are designed to allow your pet to lay comfortably and are well ventilated. You can put in a blanket or towel for extra comfort.

The Cabrio is a great carrier as it is multi functional – you can open the front door for access as well as opening the top hatch for ease of putting your pet in and out. There are compartments for food and water on the go. This carrier can also be placed on the car seat and a conventional seatbelt can be used to secure it in place.

This is one of the stores best products and is a favourite with the staff as well.


Not Just Pets also stocks alternative pet carriers that come in a number of colours and designs. These have the front opening secure door. These can be collapsed when not in use. These come in a range of sizes for small cats/kittens and larger breeds.

Product shown is the Catit Voyageur Tiger Design in Black – prices start from £19.99



When travelling with dogs there are a number of options depending on your pet and the size and shape of your car.

Belts and harnesses – these can clip onto your pets harness or you can buy a travelling harness especially for the car.

The Universal seat belt restraint is used in conjunction with a full body harness which you can clip onto your dog’s regular harness and then put into your car seat belt holder. These are great if your dog does not like fussing into and out of harnesses as you use one for both travelling and walking.

Available in store or on our website at £4.99


The RAC 2 in 1 Car Harness is a great way to secure your pet dog on journeys. These are fully adjustable to ensure a great fit and then simply thread your seat belt though and clip it in as normal. Then when at your destination use the harness as a normal walking harness.

Available in a range of sizes in store and online from £9.99


The Ezydog harness is a great harness for your dog and you! Offers support and control. The chestplate comfortably moulds to the shape of your dogs chest creating a custom fit that is safe and secure. Easy to adjust and fit. Each Harness comes with a free car restraint that reduces in-car distractions. Available in different sizes and colours and in store or online starting from £15.26

 Crates – These can fit into most car boots or seats and have two doors for accessibility. Well ventilated, secure and come in a range of sizes. Can be collapsed when not in use to a smaller size and stored at home or in the boot of the car.

Not Just Pets have crates available in store and online, these crates are currently on offer, starting from £30.00 for small breeds. You can also purchase crate mats that make it more cosy and comfortable.



Carriers suitable for dogs – These are great for smaller dogs and can be taken in and out of the car.


Available in different colours and four different sizes that will suit your dog’s needs. They can be collapsed when not in use.

The Carrier shown here is a Dogit Voyageur and these are in store and online starting from £18.89



Ramps for larger breeds and older dogs – These can be stored in your car to help your pet in and out of the vehicle.


This is the Pet Gear Bi-Fold Ramp that is available online at £79.99 this can be stored in your car boot and has a skid resistant surface that allows your dog safe access in and out of the vehicle.




Other items you may find useful

Calming sprays – Pet pheromones have been used to help cats, dogs and other mammals to be calm and relaxed in stressful situations.


Adaptil is available for dogs and Feliway is available for cats.
A plug in diffuser can be used in the home but you can buy sprays for when out and about. Spray on the carrier or bedding to help your pet feel calm and secure.




Calming spot on is available for cats and dogs. This product is a natural herbal supplement that will calm your pet at a stressful time such as fireworks night or while travelling.

Just apply to the back of your pets neck and the formula effects last for up to a week.



Catnip – Can be used to help get cats into their carrier and then help them relax whist travelling.

Non spill bowls 

The road refresher can be used out and about as well as in the home. The shape helps to reduce spillages without restricting your pet from drinking. Can be used in the car whilst on the move.

Available in different sizes and colours from £9.99



Travel bowls – Lightweight and transportable these can be filled and used on the go and fold down so they do not take up a lot of room.

Ideal for long walks as well as long distance travelling.

This collapsible travel bowl is available in store and online £4.99

Travel beds and crate mats – Make sure your pet travels in comfort and style. There are a range of designs and styles so your pets journeys are comfortable. Not Just Pets has a wide range available in store.

Seat cover and protectors – If using a harness or seat belt restraint you may want to protect your back seat. These can be fitted over your existing car seat and are designed to still be able to use the seatbelts safely.

This waterproof Ancol Seat Protector is available in store and online at £22.35

Shields for windows – These are great for shading pets from sunlight if it is too warm to shade your pet with a blanket.

                                                                                                        Window grates – These fit on your car and allow cool fresh air into the car without the risk of your pet escaping out of the open window.

Fits to the width of your open window.

This Mikki window vent is available in store and online priced at £12.99




Never leave your pet in a car, whatever the weather, even if you leave the windows open – they can still overheat and die.

Now you have all the best travel equipment here are some top tips for travelling with your pets.

  • Do not feed your pet immediately before travelling as this may result in sickness
  • Be prepared and have an accident and emergency kit available so you can deal with any problems. The kit should contain –
  1. Paper towels or pet wipes
  2. Cleaner spray
  3. Poop bags
  • Exercise your pet dog before travelling in the car. If they are worn out they will settle down better in the car for the journey.
  • You can put a blanket or sheet over your pet’s crate or carrier to help reduce excitability. If they are not stimulated by the world whizzing by they are more likely to settle down.
  • Have rest breaks from travelling where you exercise and give refreshment to your pet. If you have a pet cat please do not let them out of the vehicle as you may not be able to get them back again.

Do you have any top travelling with animal tips? We would love to hear them!

We look forward to welcoming you in store soon; remember we are open in our Bath store 7 days a week!

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Spring time news!

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and as we head into the last week of March it is starting to feel like Spring has sprung.

Spring is known as a time of year for fresh starts and new beginnings, and here at Not Just Pets we too have some new ideas we would like to share with you.

We are taking the blog updates in a new direction to share news, advice, products and information in a regular newsletter. These will be once a week and include reviews, news, information and stories! We are also hoping that you the reader and pet owner will help contribute to these by sending in pictures and stories of your pets when they have settled into their forever home. These can be old pets, new pets, or borrowed pets! Everyone is encouraged to get involved in illustrating the wonderful world of pets as part of the family. In return we will be offering contests, giveaways, information and advice as well as tutorials and how-to guides and product reviews. We will be reviewing new products available as well as old favourites. We will be demonstrating the benefits of why we recommend and love them.

News from in store this week

We had the Greyhound rescue charity event in store on Saturday 22nd of March. Greyhound rescue West of England volunteers and dogs were in store raising funds for their charity. They work hard to promote rescue of the greyhound and lurcher breeds as well as promoting the benefits of the breeds themselves. They have all the information about rehoming and rescuing on their page.

Greyhound rescue

Offers in store this week

We currently have 25% off Trixie Prince and Princess bowls, beds and toys! These are especially designed for your royal pet! In subtle colours and patterns your cat or dog will love these items and at 25% off now is the best time to treat them.

We also have 25% off our luxury Petface, Beco and Trixie beds. Some lovely designs and colours that will suit any home and pet.

On our Tasting table this week … In store each week we will have a sample of products for your pet (and you if you so desire!) to sample and try out. Our staff will be on hand to tell you the benefits of these products as well as any other items in the range that would suit your pet.

This week we have

Billy + Margot treats (all varieties)
Lily’s Kitchen biscuits and treats (for reward, bedtime and training)
Nature’s menu Country Hunter treats

New Products in store for you to try

In store this week we have a new tinned wet food from the company that brought you Doggie Icecream! Billy + Margot. Their new meals combine meats, fruits, vegetables and vitamin supplements to provide a complete meal for our adult dog or puppy. This new product is made in Britain and uses the best human grade ingredients. available in four delicious sounding flavours and a special tin available for puppies, we hope your pet loves them as much as we do!

Also available in store this week is a new treat from Billy + Margot called Fish skin cubes. These low calorie, hypoallergenic treats are suitable for any dog. So if your pet is trying to lose weight or has allergies they don’t have to miss out! Made from Defra approved, sustainable sourced fish and nothing else this is an ideal treat to pick up and keep handy on your walks as a training treat or at home as a reward.

We look forward to welcoming you in store soon remeber we are open in our Bath store 7 days a week!

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Happy New Year to all our lovely customers and followers!


Wow! Where did that year go? The past year saw us being very busy Indeed. Our activities have included: (click the links to find out more) 

  • working closely with National Pet Month and winning their national award (remember May the 4th be with you? – great fun, and educational too!)
  • collaborating with Nature’s Veterinary – and we now have our resident vet, Dave Tweedle on board and IN STORE consulting twice a week and offering pet health checks, vaccinations, pet passports, MICROCHIPPING, nail clipping, etc.
  • meeting Theo Paphitis after winning our #SBS Winners award – what an inspiration that man is, too!
  • winning the PetQuip UK Independent Retailer of the Year award; launching on – and we will be doing more work with that soon
  • going silly for money for Comic Relief
  • teaming up with Bath Bunny Rescue and we continue to support them with promotions, amazing cake sales (thanks to some fantastic local businesses for their donations) and fundraising events (raising over £500 so far)
  • holding various fundraising events for Bath Cats and Dogs Home and raising over £900 for them
  • introducing new fabulous foods and encouraging more dogs and cats to eat better foods like Pure Pet Food, Gentle dog food, Canagan and the new Natures Menu
  • meeting Tori the disabled service dog (and her humum Jana) who brought joy to all who met her – and she helped us raised a bit of money for Blind Dog Rescue UK
  • meeting lots of our customers’ pets by looking after them while their folks went on holiday
  • teaming up with Donna and Jo, dog trainers/listeners who have formed The Puppy Academy and Wiltshire Pet Care – we sponsored the puppy packs and prizes and look forward to working with them in the future.


We hope to do lots of new and exciting things in 2014 – including updating our website at We will be introducing new foods and products especially to our new Frome shop and hopefully boarding there too – so your pets can come for B&B! We will have our usual Open Day events during National Pet Month and there will be some surprises too. We are looking at all sorts of ideas from puppy parties and crèches to grooming sessions and small animal handling days. So – watch this space!

We really believe – they’re not just pets, they’re family.


Any ideas and suggestions you have will be welcomed – and we hope to gain lots more followers via our Facebook ( and Twitter ( and Pinterest ( pages – plus we will be joining Instagram soon too!

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Not Just Pets wins TWO Industry Awards!


Wow oh wow! What a fabulous week we have had. We are delighted to tell everyone that Not Just Pets has just been named as PetQuip UK Independent Pet Retailer of the Year 2013! Isn’t that fantastic? The awards were given at a dinner at PATS Harrogate (Pet and Aquatic Trade Show) and were sponsored by Westland, Petface, Group55 and PATS with the media partner being Pet Business World. We were commended for devotion to customers, knowledge, creativity and work within the community. We have worked hard during the past year to forge links with our local community and support local animal charities as well as promoting the cause of the independent retailer. We were completely gobsmacked to win this award and we are obviously over the moon, especially as the calibre of other entries was so high, such as Scampers and Dobbies.


Not only that we have just discovered that we have won the overall award for National Pet Month for our events during National Pet Month this year. The judges felt that our events did the best to further the aims of NPM and to promote responsible pet ownership. It means so much to have all the hard work of the team at Not Just Pets rewarded in this way. Everyone at Not Just Pets worked really hard this year to think of new ways to get our community involved with events for National Pet Month (including dressing as Jedi for May the 4th), and we had fantastic support from so many different people, from our local vet, local rescue centres (Bath Cats and Dogs and Bath Bunny Rescue), our fabulous suppliers, local pet portrait artists, animal experts/trainers and of course our wonderful customers. We raised over £1300 for local animal charities and did a grand job of promoting responsible pet ownership – and we had fun doing it!

We feel that these awards really show that hard work does pay off and that it is important to keep evolving and adapting to move forwards in our industry. We try to listen to our customers and get involved in our local communities with events, through social media, supporting local animal rescue centres etc. We are very keen to promote responsible pet ownership and to keep driving trade to the independent retailer. We were in prestigious company at the PetQuip awards and are delighted too for all the awards given to our partners and suppliers in the industry such as Peregrine Livefoods, Beaphar, Collarways, Canagan, Natures Menu, Burgess, James & Steel and Marriage’s Feeds.


We had a busy weekend as we were judges for some of the product awards and there were so many fabulous products in the showcase. It was a real treat to see so many British products on offer and also so many strides being made for the independent retail trade by suppliers offering good quality, unique products.

We shall soon be working with Pure pet foods and their fabulous dehydrated dog food – which is made in a human grade factory so it really is good enough to eat. Plus we shall be stocking the new Beaphar Calming spot on – a great alternative to other calming products especially for pets on the move. We already stock the Natures Menu range and we were delighted to see some fabulous new products in their Country Hunter range (don’t say that one too quickly!) We also really liked the new Soopa treat range – good enough for us to eat again although not recommended for owners, more for dogs (a little chewy). These come in yummy flavours like Papaya, Coconut and Sweet Potato. We shall be stocking these soon.

We are moving things around at the Bath Pet Shop with some changes coming soon – including a new Pet Boutique instore. Do let us know if there is anything particular you would like us to stock.

Please share our stories and join in the discussion on Facebook and Twitter @NotJustPets – and don’t forget to check our Pinterest boards too.


Not Just Pets is based in Bath, Larkhall and Frome with the main store at 8-9 St James Parade, Bath, BA1 1UL and a website at You can follow us Facebook at and on Twitter at @NotJustPets


Not Just Pets raises funds for Bunny Rehoming in Bath


Just a short blog this week to let you know about a fabulous rabbit rehoming service in Bath, run by Michelle Addison. We got to know Michelle when she attended one of our Open Days at Larkhall in April and since then we have been working with Michelle to help her with her mission to rehome Bath’s abandoned bunnies.


Last Saturday we held a huge Cake Sale and Raffle for Bath Bunny Rescue which was supported by many fabulous businesses in Bath including The Society Café, Green Rocket Café,Indulgence Café, Coffee @ Camden, Roman Candles and the Pig Guide among others. There were some wonderful prizes donated from the likes of Heather’s Pet Care, who gave free dogwalking sessions and photo shoot sessions, Smallprint Silver Fingerprint Jewellery in Bath who gave jewellery prizes, Highcroft Vets in Whitchurch who gave a £25 voucher and this was one of the amazing cake prizes, thanks to Indulgence Café in Bath. (photo thanks to @ThePigGuide) 

We just wanted to thank all those involved and especially our lovely customers for buying all the raffle tickets and yummy cakes. We raised around £200 and the money will go towards vaccinating and neutering the rabbits so that they can find new forever homes as quickly as possible. If you have any questions you can join Michelle on Facebook at Bath Bunny Rescue or on Twitter @BunnyRehoming or via her website at

Don’t forget we have veterinary appointments every Thursday and Friday with David Tweedle, our Resident Vet from Nature’s Veterinary – telephone 01225 461461 for details. We now offer Pet Passports, boosters, nail clipping, microchipping, anal glands, flea and worm checks and health checks.

You can follow us at, on Facebook at, on Twitter @NotJustPets or email us at Or pop in or ring us on 01225 461461. 8-9 St James Parade, Bath. Come on in, you’ll be welcome 🙂

Happy New Year to all our Customers from Not Just Pets!

Happy New Year everyone! We hope your Christmas was merry and bright. Ours was busy and we are just settling in to this new year and rearranging our stock to bring some exciting new products into store.

First up is the Leuchtie LED collar – perfect for these long, dark winter nights walking with your dog. They are completely waterproof, extremely easy to put on your dog (just slide over the head) and they come with a TWO YEAR guarantee. They come in a rainbow range of colours and in sizes from mini upwards.



We are also stocking all the new Hungry HectorLily’s Kitchen and the new Billy + Margot  venison treats and some new treats from Harry’s Gourmet – including “chocolates” which look as good as Thorntons and are completely safe for dogs.

The Billy + Margot venison treats are made using 100% venison and they are air-dried slowly to retain all the nutrients. The range includes: Treats, Chew sticks, Marrow bones and Liver bites. Lily’s Kitchen also have a new range of venison treats and we will be stocking those from our next order.

We have also started making some little YouTube videos for you – some for fun, some as useful hints and tips and some telling you about new products. Check out our YouTube stream here and why not subscribe so you keep up to date with all that is going on at Not Just Pets!

We also now have a bespoke service for hand made hammocks, igloos and cubes for small animals, dog and cat beds, dog and cat collars and figure-of-eight harnesses called Creature Comforts. We have a range of swatches and can have these items made to size – just ask and we will get back to you with a quotation asap.  Here is a sample of some of the wonderful items in the range:


Plus don’t forget we now stock the fabulous PAWZ boots, Lupine leads and collars, Tuffy toys and Zogoflex toys.

We are stockists of the new Nature’s Way hypoallergenic, pocket-friendly dog food too – and we deliver FREE to the local area or for an online spend of over £35.

If you are an O2 customer, you can take advantage of the O2 Priority Moments scheme – we have signed up and all O2 customers can get special offers by downloading the vouchers from the O2 Priority website. At the moment, it is £5 off any spend over £35 so more New Year savings for you!

If there is anything you would like to see us stock in this new year, please let us know. You can contact us via the website, by email at, by telephone at our Bath office on 01225 461461 or by Twitter @NotJustPets or on our Facebook page at

.. or call in to any of our stores.. you’ll be welcome! 🙂