Celebrating Small Animals!

National Pet Month is here! At Not Just Pet we are celebrating small animals this week as part of a month-long promotion of responsible pet ownership and Celebrating our pets!

This week we will be exploring the best ways to care for all your small furry friends!

On Saturday 5th April we will be holding an open day in our Bath store raising awareness of small animals as pets.

We have Wendy Barry from Somershire hamster Rescue who will be on hand to help with all your hamster queries and questions from food to handling.

Michelle from Bath Bunny Rescue will also be on hand for anything bunny related.

We will also be selling yummy small animal themed cakes where all money raised will go towards the animal rescue charities.

If you love all things furry and fuzzy come and join in the fun this Saturday!

This week on our tasting table we have …

As we are Celebrating our small animals this week we have some tasty complete food from Supreme selective food.



We still have offers on our Trixie Prince and Princess items but there will be offers and promotions on small animal items so please check in and find a treat!



We look forward to welcoming you in store soon: remember we are open in our Bath store 7 days a week!

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Spring time news!

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and as we head into the last week of March it is starting to feel like Spring has sprung.

Spring is known as a time of year for fresh starts and new beginnings, and here at Not Just Pets we too have some new ideas we would like to share with you.

We are taking the blog updates in a new direction to share news, advice, products and information in a regular newsletter. These will be once a week and include reviews, news, information and stories! We are also hoping that you the reader and pet owner will help contribute to these by sending in pictures and stories of your pets when they have settled into their forever home. These can be old pets, new pets, or borrowed pets! Everyone is encouraged to get involved in illustrating the wonderful world of pets as part of the family. In return we will be offering contests, giveaways, information and advice as well as tutorials and how-to guides and product reviews. We will be reviewing new products available as well as old favourites. We will be demonstrating the benefits of why we recommend and love them.

News from in store this week

We had the Greyhound rescue charity event in store on Saturday 22nd of March. Greyhound rescue West of England volunteers and dogs were in store raising funds for their charity. They work hard to promote rescue of the greyhound and lurcher breeds as well as promoting the benefits of the breeds themselves. They have all the information about rehoming and rescuing on their page. http://www.grwe.com/

Greyhound rescue

Offers in store this week

We currently have 25% off Trixie Prince and Princess bowls, beds and toys! These are especially designed for your royal pet! In subtle colours and patterns your cat or dog will love these items and at 25% off now is the best time to treat them.

We also have 25% off our luxury Petface, Beco and Trixie beds. Some lovely designs and colours that will suit any home and pet.

On our Tasting table this week … In store each week we will have a sample of products for your pet (and you if you so desire!) to sample and try out. Our staff will be on hand to tell you the benefits of these products as well as any other items in the range that would suit your pet.

This week we have

Billy + Margot treats (all varieties)
Lily’s Kitchen biscuits and treats (for reward, bedtime and training)
Nature’s menu Country Hunter treats

New Products in store for you to try

In store this week we have a new tinned wet food from the company that brought you Doggie Icecream! Billy + Margot. Their new meals combine meats, fruits, vegetables and vitamin supplements to provide a complete meal for our adult dog or puppy. This new product is made in Britain and uses the best human grade ingredients. available in four delicious sounding flavours and a special tin available for puppies, we hope your pet loves them as much as we do!

Also available in store this week is a new treat from Billy + Margot called Fish skin cubes. These low calorie, hypoallergenic treats are suitable for any dog. So if your pet is trying to lose weight or has allergies they don’t have to miss out! Made from Defra approved, sustainable sourced fish and nothing else this is an ideal treat to pick up and keep handy on your walks as a training treat or at home as a reward.

We look forward to welcoming you in store soon remeber we are open in our Bath store 7 days a week!

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Happy New Year to all our lovely customers and followers!


Wow! Where did that year go? The past year saw us being very busy Indeed. Our activities have included: (click the links to find out more) 

  • working closely with National Pet Month and winning their national award (remember May the 4th be with you? – great fun, and educational too!)
  • collaborating with Nature’s Veterinary – and we now have our resident vet, Dave Tweedle on board and IN STORE consulting twice a week and offering pet health checks, vaccinations, pet passports, MICROCHIPPING, nail clipping, etc.
  • meeting Theo Paphitis after winning our #SBS Winners award – what an inspiration that man is, too!
  • winning the PetQuip UK Independent Retailer of the Year award; launching on MyHigh.st – and we will be doing more work with that soon
  • going silly for money for Comic Relief
  • teaming up with Bath Bunny Rescue and we continue to support them with promotions, amazing cake sales (thanks to some fantastic local businesses for their donations) and fundraising events (raising over £500 so far)
  • holding various fundraising events for Bath Cats and Dogs Home and raising over £900 for them
  • introducing new fabulous foods and encouraging more dogs and cats to eat better foods like Pure Pet Food, Gentle dog food, Canagan and the new Natures Menu
  • meeting Tori the disabled service dog (and her humum Jana) who brought joy to all who met her – and she helped us raised a bit of money for Blind Dog Rescue UK
  • meeting lots of our customers’ pets by looking after them while their folks went on holiday
  • teaming up with Donna and Jo, dog trainers/listeners who have formed The Puppy Academy and Wiltshire Pet Care – we sponsored the puppy packs and prizes and look forward to working with them in the future.


We hope to do lots of new and exciting things in 2014 – including updating our website at www.notjustpets.co.uk. We will be introducing new foods and products especially to our new Frome shop and hopefully boarding there too – so your pets can come for B&B! We will have our usual Open Day events during National Pet Month and there will be some surprises too. We are looking at all sorts of ideas from puppy parties and crèches to grooming sessions and small animal handling days. So – watch this space!

We really believe – they’re not just pets, they’re family.


Any ideas and suggestions you have will be welcomed – and we hope to gain lots more followers via our Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/NotJustPets) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/NotJustPets) and Pinterest (http://www.pinterest.com/notjustpets/) pages – plus we will be joining Instagram soon too!

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Not Just Pets raises funds for Bunny Rehoming in Bath


Just a short blog this week to let you know about a fabulous rabbit rehoming service in Bath, run by Michelle Addison. We got to know Michelle when she attended one of our Open Days at Larkhall in April and since then we have been working with Michelle to help her with her mission to rehome Bath’s abandoned bunnies.


Last Saturday we held a huge Cake Sale and Raffle for Bath Bunny Rescue which was supported by many fabulous businesses in Bath including The Society Café, Green Rocket Café,Indulgence Café, Coffee @ Camden, Roman Candles and the Pig Guide among others. There were some wonderful prizes donated from the likes of Heather’s Pet Care, who gave free dogwalking sessions and photo shoot sessions, Smallprint Silver Fingerprint Jewellery in Bath who gave jewellery prizes, Highcroft Vets in Whitchurch who gave a £25 voucher and this was one of the amazing cake prizes, thanks to Indulgence Café in Bath. (photo thanks to @ThePigGuide) 

We just wanted to thank all those involved and especially our lovely customers for buying all the raffle tickets and yummy cakes. We raised around £200 and the money will go towards vaccinating and neutering the rabbits so that they can find new forever homes as quickly as possible. If you have any questions you can join Michelle on Facebook at Bath Bunny Rescue or on Twitter @BunnyRehoming or via her website at www.bathbunnyrescue.co.uk.

Don’t forget we have veterinary appointments every Thursday and Friday with David Tweedle, our Resident Vet from Nature’s Veterinary – telephone 01225 461461 for details. We now offer Pet Passports, boosters, nail clipping, microchipping, anal glands, flea and worm checks and health checks.

You can follow us at www.notjustpets.co.uk, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/NotJustPets, on Twitter @NotJustPets or email us at bathpets@aol.com. Or pop in or ring us on 01225 461461. 8-9 St James Parade, Bath. Come on in, you’ll be welcome 🙂

A very successful National Pet Month at Not Just Pets – thanks to all of you!


Not Just Pets celebrated National Pet Month in style with three fabulous open days at each of the stores – at Larkhall on 20th April, at Frome on 27th April and in the main Bath store on 4th May.

All three events were very slightly different but they all emphasised the theme of National Pet Month which this year was “Your Pets and You; Companions for Life” and promoted responsible pet ownership, the ethos of National Pet Month. The events were a huge success and really well-attended with visitors coming from the local area and further afield. The weather was kind on all three days which helped the days go with a real swing!

The Larkhall event raised funds for Bath Cats and Dogs Home, Greyhound Rescue West of England and for Bunny Rehoming in Bath. There was plenty of animal handling (including ferrets), experts on hand to advise on dog behaviour and small animal rescue, offers on good quality foods and nutrition advice and a local pet portrait artist. Total fundraising on the day came to £187.57 with special help from Claverton, the mascot from Bath Cats and Dogs Home.


The Frome event almost took over the Kingsway precinct in Frome with activities from demonstrations and parades by dog handlers from the Frome K9 dog training school, to a huge stall from Cats Protection, nutrition advice from good quality food suppliers, personal encounters with Boo the European Eagle Owl, lots of competitions including a “guess the breed” competition from the local vet – plus he was on hand to answer questions. There were meet and greet sessions and handling with rescue greyhounds, bunnies, rats and more, face painting, a fabulous raffle and local pet portrait artist too. Funds were raised for the local small animal rescue centre CottonTails and for Greyhound Rescue West of England. The total raised on the day was £494.59 and £17.50 of merchandise sold by GRWE on the day.

The Bath event took a slightly different format. There were talks being given every half hour on all the different types of companion pet from hamsters at 11am to fish at 4pm with lizards, small furries, spiders, snakes, dogs and cats in between. In total eleven different talks with some amazing animals on hand, all given by either staff of Not Just Pets in Bath or visiting experts. The staff were dressed as Jedi instructors as it was May the 4th (May the Fourth Be With You!) The talks covered all aspects of the different pets people keep, how to look after them and why they make such good companions. Nutrition advisers, animal behaviour experts and a local pet portrait artist all supported the day too.

This event also raised funds and awareness for Bath Cats and Dogs Home  and for the local Cats Protection in Bath and the small animal rescue centre. The total raised was £104.78 instore plus much more in BCDH buckets – totals to be announced soon. There was a pet photo competition which was a big hit and was won by this handsome fellow called Koda, with a cute Westie and another cute German Shepherd as runners up. We had sixteen entries which all raised funds for Bath Cats and Dogs Home and over 100 votes instore and likes on Facebook.

The three events were fun, educational and did much to promote the National Pet Month ethos and this year’s theme of pet companionship. Not Just Pets would like to thank all those who supported the event, whether by attending and giving a talk or advice, by helping with promotion or oganisation, by sharing their invaluable knowledge and to the wonderful customers who turned up and took part and donated on the day.



Pictures from the event are on Facebook here for Larkhall: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.499488393438739.1073741828.103981576322758&type=3

here for Frome: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.538445446206198.1073741825.126233544094059&type=3

and here for Bath:  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.504433352944243.1073741830.103981576322758&type=3

You can follow Not Just Pets on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/NotJustPets or on Twitter at @NotJustPets

Email on bathpets@aol.com or telephone on 01225 461461

Not Just Pets, 8-9 St James Parade, Bath, BA1 1UL

Not Just Pets Open Days for National Pet Month Who’s coming to Bath in May?


Open day Saturday 4th May at Not Just Pets, 8-9 St James Parade, Bath!!

Help us to celebrate National Pet Month and the theme of Your Pets and You: Companions for Life

Come and learn about all the different pets people keep, how to look after them and why they make such good companions.

11.00am –  Learning about hamsters

11.30am –  Learning about lizards

12.00pm –  Learning about dogs with behaviourist Sarah Blackbourn

12.30pm –  Learning about rabbits with a volunteer from Cotton Tails

1.00pm –    Learning about snakes

1.30pm –    Learning about guinea pigs

2.00pm –    Learning about parrots

2.30pm –    Learning about cats with a member of Bath Cats Protection

3.00pm –    Learning about spiders

3.30pm  –   Learning about rats

4.00pm –    Learning about fish

We will also have coffee provided by Starbucks! Cakes, Alice Ladkin, a local artist who specialises in pet portraits will be here, representatives from Bath Cats Protection, Hamster Rescue and Cotton Tails as well as continuing our photo competition!

And we will be Raising money for Bath Cats and Dogs home


Telephone 01225 461461 for details or Email us at Bathpets@aol.com

Follow us @NotJustPets on Twitter or on  Facebook at www.Facebook.com/NotJustPets

It’s National Pet Month and we are ready! Open Days coming soon to Bath and Frome!

Yes, it’s that time of year again and we are ready to bring you a selection of fun, family Open Days to promote National Pet Month and responsible pet ownership.

We have changed our offering slightly this year to bring you something different in each store. We have three different events, one at each of our stores for you this year!



At #Larkhall on Sat 20th April we have the following people coming:

  • Gillian Ussher, Pet Portrait artist from Perpetual Portraits – donating a fab raffle prize!!
  • Nicki Marsh, Dog and Pet Sitting
  • Caroline Woodland of GRWE with Syd the lovely greyhound – and possibly more doggies too!
  • Colin Rose, Dog Intuition
  • Bath Cats and Dogs Home
  • Michelle Addison and her bunnies – talking about her work with bunny rescue and giving information
  • Lee and John are bringing their ferrets Baby Gwin and Bonnie
  • Plus: offers on Burgess small animal food and samples, Natures Way offers and home made cakes for sale!

We want more! I hear you cry. Ok then, what about an all-singing, all-dancing full Open Day at our Frome store on Saturday 27th April?


For that we have:

  •  GRWE – Greyhound Rescue West of England coming
  • @Sharon Arnold from FromeK9 with her doggies
  • Boo the European Eagle Owl
  • Garston Vets – The Doctor is In!
  • Cats Protection – the lovely ladies from the Frome group with their table of goodies on sale
  • Natures Way – www.facebook.com/itsnaturesway – meet Mark – special offers on dog food
  • Gillian Ussher, Pet Portrait artist from Perpetual Portraits – donating a fabulous raffle prize too!!
  • RAFFLE!! with some fabulous prizes
  • FACE Painting with Anny
  • Anny’s rats and hamsters
  • goodie bags
  • learn about animals as companions
  • animal handling
  • fancy dress

Wow! Is that enough for you? No? Well how about a series of educational talks and hands-on sessions at our Bath store on Saturday 4th May on the theme of “Your Pet as Your Companion”


We have various lovely people giving talks on:

  • Parrots (a special talk from Catherine Sellars from Pet24
  • Lizards
  • Snakes
  • Spiders (tbc)
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Rabbits
  • Rats, Hamsters and Gerbils

Plus we have

AND .. in the week up to 4th May a special “SCRUFTS” photo competition for you and your companion pet! Send in your photos now and we will post them on our Facebook page.

So – come along and join in the fun, get educated, win a prize and just learn about how our beloved pets make such great companions with our special National Pet Month open days.

You can contact us at 8-9 St James Parade Bath BA1 1UL, telephone on 01225 461461, on our website at www.notjustpets.co.uk or email us at bathpets@aol.com

You can also follow us here on Twitter or on Facebook


Not Just Pets does gifts – a tempting taster.Oh – and Christmas!

Exciting times! We have just taken in a selection of gifts which should appeal to our reptile customers, but also to children and adults alike. There are gorgeous little glass reptiles, magnets, key rings and soon we shall be getting some jewellery in too! Plus some gorgeous plush soft toy snakes and other reptiles for children (young and old). And how about these fun ‘fridge’ magnets – very realistic, in their own ‘cricket box’ – great for practical joke gifts. Choose from Cricket, Mantis, Red Poison Dart Frog or Green Tree Frog.


Not only that we have just found a fabulous seamstress who specialises in making small animal hammocks and hides, but also a fantastic range of leads, collars and harnesses. We have placed an order and these fabulous items will be with us very soon. We are still selling some of the Rattmas range too – while stocks last – but our Rattmas maker is taking a break soon, and we are delighted to find this new supplier, unique to Not Just Pets.

We will keep you updated as the stock comes in and post up more pictures as we go. These will also be on our Facebook site – so why not pop over to Facebook and “like” us too.

All our Christmas stock is now instore, including advent calendars, cat and dog stockings, small animal stockings, toys and treats galore and even our own goodie bags, lovingly put together by our own staff for something a bit different. We have high quality beds at 15% off throughout the month and a good range of new fish tanks and reptile houses. So why not pop in and browse – you’ll be welcome. We haven’t put much of the Christmas on the website as it sells so quickly instore – but do ask if you have any questions.

For all our customers who are on the O2 network, we have signed up to Priority Moments and are giving offers throughout November and December under this scheme. Our current offer is £5 off a £35 single spend in all three stores on any accessories and treats. To redeem your Priority Moment, text ‘Moments’ to 2020.


And finally, I couldn’t go without posting two pictures of these cute frogs who arrived in our Bath shop this week. Aren’t they cute? But if you don’t fancy the real thing, how about a glass one? Or two?

Remember you can ask us questions via our website, or via our Facebook and Twitter pages – or simply email us at bathpets@aol.com or call on 01225 461461.


Tricks or Treats and Fireworks! Plus, Dog Ice Cream “as seen on TV”


I refuse to use the “C” word just yet, although we have already taken in our orders of “C” products – but we won’t be displaying them until the end of the month. If anyone wants to stock up early, then you only have to ask! We do have some fabulous dog and cat treat gift bags which we have made up ourselves and they look lovely, are great value and can be given as presents at any time, but especially at Christmas. We are happy to make up bespoke bags too.

Meanwhile, Hallowe’en is almost upon us and we have dressed one of our windows with the theme of Trick or Treat – and by this, we mean what items can you buy to help teach your pet new tricks and what treats can you give as a reward for learning? We have clickers and puzzles and lots of ideas for new tricks you can teach your doggie, plus a huge selection of treats, including the fabulous Hungry Hector and Lily’s Kitchen treats – and the fabulous new venison treats from Billy & Margot.

Speaking of Billy & Margot – did you see Marie on Dragons’ Den last Sunday? Marie managed to get the backing of Deborah Meaden for her wonderful dog iced treats. We sell these dog ice creams and the venison treats and they are wonderful – nutritious, healthy and dogs love them! Here’s a link to a video of our Luna eating her Billy & Margot Strawberry and Apple iced treat 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imy-8Cag50c&feature=youtube_gdata_player

You might have seen that our other window is all about Fireworks Night.  Some dogs and cats and other small animals get very stressed at this time of year with fireworks and other loud noises with parties and celebrations. Animals also get stressed at times of change, with loud weather, moving house, introducing new animals or people to the home or a new environment. There are many products on the market to help animals with their stress and we sell a range of them, from Thundercoats to herbal remedies, sprays and room diffusers.

Here is a checklist of top tips for cats and for dogs on fireworks night which we hope you find useful:


So, have a fun Hallowe’en and a safe Fireworks night – and remember you can ask us questions via our website, or via our Facebook and Twitter pages – simply email us at bathpets@aol.com

Not Just Pets – in Bath, Larkhall and Frome



We recently lost Colin, our albino Corn snake – he was an old boy and had enjoyed a good life at Not Just Pets as the personal pet of Elisa, the manageress. He had been handled many times and all our snake-friendly customers loved him. Many children learned how to handle snakes by holding Colin as he had such a lovely temperament and was happy being out of his enclosure.

So, this month we decided to pay an homage to Colin by having a Snake Awareness Day and celebrate and educate our customers on all things snake. At least, on the snakes we stock – which include corns, royal pythons and carpet pythons – plus a few visitors who are coming especially for the day.

Please tell your reptile-loving friends as we will be having special reptile-related promotions on the day and you will have the chance to buy a few rare specimens with some lovely colour morph variations.

You can find out more by ringing 01225 461461, emailing at bathpets@aol.com or follow our Twitter page https://twitter.com/#!/NotJustPets or our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Notjustpets-Pet-Shops-in-Bath-Frome/103981576322758