We are having our Open Day on Saturday 25 Feb at our Bath shop at 8-9 St James Parade, Bath.

We are teaming up with Bath Cats and Dogs Home (BCDH) and have lots in store for our customers including:


– Claverton, the BCDH mascot and Russel Rabbit (let’s hope they get on!)

– a HUGE raffle (proceeds to BCDH)

– Face Painting

– OFFERS all day including 20% off dog and cat beds; BOGOF on selected toys, 15% off aquatics tanks and beardie set-ups; buy a Muddy Paws mat and get a Dinner Mate mat FREE; Royal Canin money-off vouchers; £2 off 2kg Barking Heads and more!

– Colouring competition for children

– Guess the Weight of the Jar competition

– Animal Handling

– Reptile talks and handling

– Flying Fish!

– Cakes for sale!

Come and get nutrition advice for your doggie or moggie, learn about everything from bunnies to beardies, gerbils to geckos and cats to chameleons!

Or just pop in and see us and pick up a bargain for your pet on the day! You’ll be welcome!

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Not Just Pets has moved! Bath Pet Centre changes its name and moves across the road

Well, it has been some journey, but we have done it! We are in and the new shop is looking fab, though we say so ourselves (all our customers are saying it too so it must be true!)

For all our lovely regular Bath Pet Centre customers, fear not, we have not moved far at all – about 100 paces – just across the road to St James Parade (into the old Ambiente bathroom shop). We have two bay windows (some say it looks like an old-fashioned toy shop or sweet shop) and the new name above our shop is Not Just Pets (in line with our website and social media names). The graphics are bright and colourful, thanks to @HeavyGoodsMedia and @N3GraphicsDisplay – giving the shop a contemporary feel.


We still stock all the old favourites but we have added some new products in too. We have new dog toys – Tuffies, Zogoflex and Mighty Juniors to name a few, some new dog and cat collars and leads including Hem & Boo and Lupine. The Lupine range is superb as it is “guaranteed EVEN if chewed”. The Zogoflex Twiz even made an appearance on Gabby Logan’s Channel 5 morning programme!


We have fitted out a brand new reptile room and have settled in some lovely new specimens including Cordy (Cordelia) our Panther Chameleon; Wilton our Carpet Python and also two fabulous new Royal Pythons and a beautiful new corn snake. We also have leopard geckos, friendly bearded dragons, tortoises and skinks – and more!


Our new aquatics tanks are also looking splendid and Ashley is doing a grand job of introducing a few new fish to our range, but to keep it simple, we are stocking the basics for coldwater and tropical fish.

Even our small furries have new enclosures – and by the look on this bunny’s face she is very happy and has started making a nest!

There are lots of lovely new things to see in our new light and bright store and we would love you to visit and give us some feedback. To encourage you to come see us, we have placed an advertisement in Bath Life with 10% off your first purchase (excluding livestock) and we have also joined up to the @NowBath loyalty card scheme. Sign up for free and automatically get 10% off accessories and 5% off food in our store in Bath.

We have a Fun Day planned for February 25th – something for all the family with Russel Rabbit, Bath Cats & Dogs Home Mascot, Face Painting, Competitions and a Big Raffle, Animal Handling and a Reptile demonstration plus lots more. Watch this space or on our Facebook and Twitter pages for more news. We have also teamed up with The Breeze 107 radio and you can hear our adverts and news on there – so tune in on 107.9 FM.

Come in and see us at our new store at 8-9 St James Parade, Bath, BA1 1 UL – you’ll be welcome!

You can follow us on Twitter @NotJustPets, on Facebook – NotJustPets, or email us on or telephone 01225 461461.

And don’t forget to visit our website..

Of Moving (!) and The NotJustPets 12 Days of Christmas Silly Sale

We are finally moving our Bath pet shop premises AFTER Christmas. We shall be moving to 8-9 St James Parade, Bath, BA1 1UL. We are busy getting the shop ready so that we can move all our stock across and meanwhile, we have dressed the windows for Christmas to make them look pretty.  Do pop along and take a sneak peek!

The new shop will all be on one floor and we will be adding new aquariums for our fish, new glass animal enclosures and a lovely new reptile room with some new exotics in store, including chameleon. We hope to make our store much more interactive for our customers too and will be providing regular talks and educational days for children, too.

We are bringing in lots of new, funky products but we want to look after all our existing customers so we shall still be able to get all the products we have always been able to stock. Some of the lines we will be introducing are the fabulous Collarways Lupine leads, collars and harnesses and the Tuffy and Zogoflex toy ranges – so we will have “even if chewed” guaranteed collars and really tough, interactive toys in store.

We will also have the colourful and fun Hem & Boo leads, collars, toys and more and All for Paws wonderful plush toys which will bring out the instinctive hunter in your doggie.

Although we will open just after Christmas, we haven’t got a final date yet so we will keep you posted! We will be having a BIG LAUNCH day in January, with lots of offers for our regular customers.

There are so many more new things coming for our Bath store and we will keep you up to date on our NotJustPets Facebook page and on Twitter @NotJustPets!/NotJustPets and of course, in store and back here on our blog. Telephone 01225 461461 or 461478 for any further information.

Meanwhile, we have decided to have a silly sale over 12 Days of Christmas at our Bath store (see our next blog). There will be something different on each day, starting from Friday 9th December – see the offers here. You can visit the store, ring on 01225 461461 or contact us via the website or email at to reserve and pay for any of the items in the sale. 12 days of christmas sale days

New products – let us know what you think!

So we have been to the Hagen show, the Happy Pet Show, PetIndex and Aqua 2011 – exhausting stuff but we have seen lots of new products which we are putting in store now. So, what do you like from below? Let us know..


So, who likes fancy rats? Guinea pigs? Wabbits? We have lots of lovely ratty customers and one very special chap has made us some wonderful igloos, hammocks and octopuses for our store. We have some very special designs in for Hallowe’en too – and we can have David make us bespoke items for our customers – so you could order an individual item just for your precious pets. They are very reasonably priced and great fun. Take a look below and see what you think. We would love your feedback.


And finally to Hallowe’en! We are putting up our display tomorrow and we had a few requests for doggie Hallowe’en coats and rat treats etc so why not pop in and see what you can find in our display? We will have pumpkin treats, devil dog coats, skull ornaments and more!

Follow us on Twitter @NotJustPets, on our NotJustPets Facebook page here or take a look at our website at – or pop i and see us in Larkhall, Bath or Frome. Tel: 01225 461478


Offers Offers Offers

We have a number of offers in store this week – they’re selling fast, so come in as once they’re gone, they’re gone!!

 First up, Barking Heads Puppy Days 12kg HALF PRICE while stocks last – but come in quickly, it is selling like hot cakes!

 James Wellbeloved NEW Large Breed – buy 15kg get 4KG FREE! or buy standalone packs of 4kg Large Breed for ONLY £9.99!

 Have you tried Probiotic Live dog food from Bacterfield? It’s good.. and here’s a video link all about it – We have a special HALF PRICE offer on it right now – 1.5kg only £4; 4kg only £9 and 15kg only £20!!

 We have new tanks coming in, so our Elite Style 35 tanks are on special price at only £59.99! Again, while stocks last (sold another one today!)

 New Exo Terra products arriving soon, like the new Moss Matt substrates – so we have a range of Exo Terra bowls and feeders on special offer (click here to see the offers on the website – save up to 30% off RRP!)

Dog Crates all on special offer! New crate mats coming in this week too plus some lovely new beds on order. Small £24.99; Medium £32.99; Large £47.99; Extra Large £59.99; Giant £74.99!

 We also have a range of tortoise boxes, tortoise tables, vivaria and tanks on offer – including the Fluval Chi, Edge, Flora and Nano tanks! Save, 12%, 17% or as much as 38% on the Fluval Edge from RRP! A beautiful 46L version of the Fluval Edge is arriving very soon!

 And don’t forget we are still selling Marina ClearView Background Adhesive for only £4.99! This revolutionary image-enhancing solution seals background to aquarium glass, resulting in a flawless, illuminated view from every angle.

More offers coming soon.. watch this page!

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Three lovely shops in Bath, Larkhall and Frome 


Offers of the Week! Plus Summer of the Cat Event on Saturday 20th August at BATH Pet Centre!

We have lots of offers in store this week – plus a special event on Saturday, repeating the event we had in Frome a week or so ago – Summer of the Cat (with partner Royal Canin).

Offers this week include lots on the Habitrail Ovo Range:


The Ovo Maze and Pad only £23.49 for both (saving £21!!)

The Ovo Loft only £35.99 (RRP £56.16 – a HUGE saving)

The Ovo Loft & Tower only £35.99 (saving £34!!)

Then we have the 8-in-1 Delights Treats on special offer – Buy 1 get 1 half price! Available at our Frome store while stocks last.. get ’em quick, they’re selling fast!

We also have some wonderful bunnies in and beautiful Belgian Hares (see our new caresheet on the Animal Info Page) and we are offering our EXTRA LARGE 6′ hutches with integral runs for only £199 with one of our bunnies and just a few pounds more for a pair. These hutches are well-constructed, waterproofed and are ideal for large rabbits. We are also offering fabulous prices on our smaller hutches for small bunnies and guinea pigs.



Summer of the Cat Event Saturday 20th August at Bath Pet Centre

So – this Saturday we have our Summer of the Cat Event teaming up with Royal Canin and the Bristol & Wales Cat Rescue organisation. These lovely ladies from the rescue organisation will be having a small tombola and a table of goodies to sell and a few of their more robust kittens with them as people are always happy to see them.  The kittens always love it too as they get so many cuddles!! Julie from B&W Cat Rescue says “As you can imagine, they are extremely well catered for on days out and we always take a big pen with food, water, shelter and toys to keep them safe when they have had enough cuddle time.” They hope to bring 2 or 3 of their kittens with them.

There will be plenty of offers on the day from Royal Canin plus specialist advice from their nutrition experts. Everything starts from around 10.00 am onwards. Ring 01225 461461 for details or contact us via our website, Facebook page (NotJustPets)  or our Twitter page (@NotJustPets)!/NotJustPets


Saturday 6th August – SPECIAL OFFER DAY for Cat Food at Frome Pet & Aquatics!

At Frome Pet & Aquatics on Saturday 6th August, we have a special promotional day celebrating the ‘summer of the cat’ with Royal Canin. We have amazing offers all day and nutritional experts on hand to give advice about cat diets.


So, come on down and join us and grab a bargain – you’ll be welcome!

For details telephone 01373 462068 or email – or on our Facebook page at NotJustPets. Follow us on Twitter @NotJustPets too!

A busy week at NotJustPets! The weekly blog

Hello everyone!

Take a look at the picture gallery from our competition  “they’re not just pets, they’re family”. Which is your favourite so far? The competition is going well but we still need those pet pics – send in your pictures to show us how your pet fits into your family and the winner will receive a prize for their pet.


It’s been a busy week at NotJustPets this week – starting with Anny taking some special small furry creatures off to Warminster to show youngsters at a holiday club how to look after these small animals.  We offer a service to local clubs and schools – either come in and see us for a tour and educational talk or we will come to you and bring some animals for the children to handle and ask questions about. We provide free literature according to the age group and we have had some fabulous feedback and some lovely letters and pictures from the children. Just call 01225 461478 and ask Anny for more details.

The children Anny visited aged from 5-14yrs and Anny was asked some wonderful questions like “what is the meanest pet you can keep that lives in water?” and “what does the biggest snake in the world eat and what is that snake called?” The children decided a terrapin might be the meanest underwater pet, although another customer suggested a piranha (which we do sell!) To answer the snake question, the Python reticulatus is the longest and can grow up to 30ft long, although it isn’t the heaviest and they eat mammals and birds but as they are non-venomous they are not really a threat to humans.  

Whilst we do sell pythons in our pet shops, we mainly sell corn snakes and milk snakes and we have a pet albino Corn Snake called Colin (see picture). Colin is very curious and once threaded himself through my trouser belt loops to see what was around the other side! What a fashion accessory! We keep all the skins that Colin sheds to map his growth and to educate customers when they ask questions about him – the picture below shows an old shed from about two years ago which we were showing children at the Frome Cheese Show. We are not entirely sure how old Colin is, but think he is in his mid-teens and he is around 6′ long now.


If you need help with your snake set-up just let us know – we stock a good range of vivariums, accessories and frozen food as well as free caresheets and some good books in store.

We have been busy with our holiday animals this week – and we have been asked to board everything from tortoises to cockatiels. Whether you have a pet reptile, small furry or bird you may want to have someone look after it while you are away on holiday. At our Bath store we can offer your pet a holiday too! We can look after rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, birds and reptiles for a small daily fee – so you can go away knowing your pet is in the best possible hands. If you are interested, contact us via the website or by email or call on 01225 461461.  We get busy in peak season, so book early to avoid disappointment.

We have some great offers coming into the stores next week including a lovely 6′ rabbit hutch with a run attached to house our gorgeous bunnies on sale at the moment. The harlequin rabbits have wonderful colours but they need lots of room – so these will be on sale from Monday at £199.99 including bunny (or a pair of bunnies from the Frome shop) – that’s if these gorgeous cuties don’t sell over the weekend! We still have Cinnamon and Nutmeg too (end pic on right) – they really need a home now and they are gorgeous!


We also have a Nutrition Day on Saturday 6th August with some fabulous offers on Royal Canin cat food. Trevor from Royal Canin will be in store to answer all your nutrition questions and there will be some huge discounts on cat food. So come on down next Saturday 6th August and join us!

Don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook at NotJustPets, follow us on Twitter @NotJustPets and add any comments below. We’d love to hear from you. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog! Have a great week!

Monday 4th July – Independents’ Day for Retail – PLUS 10% OFF for all our customers


On Monday 4th July this year we will be celebrating Independents’ Day for Retail outlets all over the UK.  Help us to celebrate this special day.  We are offering 10% off to all our customers on all purchases on Monday 4th July on everything except livestock. Our staff are dressing up in fancy dress too! So – come on down and support your local independent retailer on Monday!

So, what is Independents’ day?

Skillsmart Retail and the National Skills Academy for Retail are teaming up with local retailers across the country on 4th July to celebrate Independents’ Day.

Everyone is encouraged to buy at least one item from a local independent retailer and celebrate diversity on the high street. We’ve teamed up with Mary Portas the Queen of Shops herself, trade associations such as the NFRN and Association of Town Centre Managers, along with national, local and trade press to make sure the campaign is a success.

Supporting independent retailers

Skillsmart will also champion the skills great independent retailers have and show the public that their local shopkeeper is not only a vital service, but someone who wears many hats; they are the accountant, sales assistant, buyer and often everything in-between.

How can you get involved? 

Shop local and tell us what is your favourite shop in your local high street – and if you like our pet stores, don’t forget to come in and support us – and tell all your friends! You can “like” us on Facebook too – or follow us on Twitter – “@NotJustPets”.

For more information about the campaign, contact